History Of Alcop

H.O.S, a diverse leading local group was founded by (Late) Haji Fazal Ellahi Kushtiwala some 80 years ago with the main focus to explore diverse opportunities in the Prospective business sectors. This group was restrengthened by Mr. Saeed A.kushtiwala in early sixties of the 20th century with concept to add value in the form of firm commitments, Managements competence and operational excellence.

Since early thirties of the last Century, HOS has crossed remarkable land marks and achieved fundamental transformation from a modest trading, manufacture and real estate business to a world class forward looking group with multi dimensional diverse interests and capabilities.

Today’s H.O.S has attained the position of a huge diversified industrial concern and commercial centre affiliated with strong alliances of leading international manufacturing & distribution companies. HOS group offers wide range of industrial and commercial Products together with services and consumer solutions through its large manufacturing and trading network.

H.O.S corporate base is located in Karachi (Pakistan) with regional operations controlled through offices in Lahore and Islamabad managed and operated by the House Of Saeed family. This group offers enormous growth opportunities to its worthy, directly and indirectly, For its ongoing projects in different parts of the country.

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